Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! I'm obviously still crazy.

While I'm no longer a serious point and money grubbing farmer, I've gotta admit ... I am still farming. Things are a bit different now as I just sort of do whatever I want around the farm without chasing rewards so much. What more do I need? I have more than enough land to make farming it all a heavy-duty clickfest from hell (especially if/when I'm outta gas).

I think I log in as much (or more) for my neighbors than I do for myself now. I have 12 orchards loaded up and producing seedlings more quickly than I can get water cans to grow them all. I harvest the orchards at random times until I get at least one seedling to post for neighbors and ... well, unless I feel like planting some crops that's about all I do.

I might check the winery for sales, buy some goods or bushels from neighbors and make a couple bottles of wine here and there, but I don't put much effort into. Why bother? It's Farmville.

The farm has a whole new look since last you've seen it. I covered it with sand. I like to pretend I live at the beach and pay local strippers to come play nude volleyball to distract myself enough to not notice there's no ocean.

C-ya 'round the farm.
Farmer Ben

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Damn You Zynga - I've Obviously Lost My Mind

Ok, so FarmVille is not so easy to get away from. I should have just deleted the farm. Wtf was I thinking?

So anyway, from the time I retired until a few days ago I would occasionally drop by the farm to return a few gifts or go do a little something for a neighbor, but had all but ditched this time wasting habit ... and then Zynga dropped the new crafting bomb on us ... and my winery is doing just fine. lol

I've been playing a few other games, trying things out for possible review ... and yet I keep coming back to this crazy farming game. I spent more time than I care to admit just rearranging the farm for the new winery.

By the way, much has changed since I bailed. The blog entry on here about cheating with chickens for eggs ... that doesn't work now. They fixed that. There are also new items, new collectibles, co-op farming and more ... but let's not get too carried away just yet.

After all, I might explore this winery thing a bit and decide to go back into FarmVille retirement.

Additional notes ... I upgraded to the mighty plantation and have nearly moved up to multimillionaire status. ...and I'm back on the farm WAY more than I have been for a long, long time. I've lost my damn mind.

Farmer Ben